Sky-Surfing FAQ’s


Q.  How do we make reservations?


A.  Reservations are required so please call 727-755-IFLY (4359) to schedule your flight.  If we don’t answer we are probably in the air so please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Q.  Do you accept credit cards?

A.  Yes, we accept all major credit cards.


Q.  Where are you located?

A.  We operate out of Clearwater Airpark which is located at 1000 North Hercules Ave. Clearwater, Florida 33765.  From the Beaches head East on 60/Gulf to Bay then head North on Hercules to the Airport on left.  From Tampa head West on 60/Gulf to Bay then head North on Hercules to the Airport on left.


Q.  Is it safe?

A.  ABSOLUTELY!  Statistically, the most dangerous part of your adventure will be the drive to the airport.  This is one of the SAFEST AIRCRAFT IN THE WORLD as the hang glider style wing makes it an incredible glider so it’s designed to land without any power.  If the engine quits in an airplane or helicopter it’s an emergency, with us it would be a normal landing.  That said, these aviation engines are extremely dependable and if that’s not enough, the Revo aircraft is equipped with a rocket-propelled parachute that would allow the entire aircraft (with us sitting safely inside) to float to the surface in the event of an emergency.


Q.  What type of aircraft is it?

A.  Most pilots call it a Trike or Delta-wing for its triangular shaped wing.  Officially, the FAA calls it a Weight-Shift-Control aircraft which is a distinct category of aircraft like an Airplane or Helicopter.  It is NOT AN ULTRALIGHT, experimental or a kit plane.  It is a factory built, FAA inspected and certified Light-Sport Aircraft.  This aircraft is manufactured by Evolution Aircraft who is the industry leader and these aircraft are highly regarded around the World for their unmatched quality and performance.


Q.  What should I wear?

A.  It depends upon the temperature on the day you fly.  On warm days you should be comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt but other times we have to break out the cold weather gear.  Check the weather or call us so you can plan accordingly.  One rule of thumb is, if you are comfortable on the ground, you will probably be cold in the air but if you are a little warm on the ground, you should be comfortable in the air.  Shoes or sandals with straps are fine.  No flip flops please.


Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

A.  Sky Surfing has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Reservations are expensive for us to take and result in a great deal of planning being made so that you can soar with us in paradise. If you will be unable to honor your reservation, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will have to bill you for 50% of your flight’s cost.  If our schedule allows, we will work with you to try to reschedule.  Thank you for your understanding.


Q.  What if bad weather causes a delay, do we lose our money?

A.  No, the weather can change quickly in Florida so we will work with you to reschedule the flight and if it doesn’t work with your schedule, you will not be charged.  Keep in mind that the Summer thunderstorms can move in and out quickly so even if it looks bad close to the time of your reservation, it could be perfect flying weather  30 minutes later.


Q.  Is there a weight limit?

A.  The max weight allowed per seat is 250 lbs.


Q.  Is there an age limit?

A.  I find that it really depends upon the personality and maturity of the child.  I first took my daughter when she was 3 and she loved flying in it and has since become my #1 co-pilot.  I’m surprised how much she loves it as she is scared of heights and doesn’t like tall slides but the Trike doesn’t bother her at all.  On the other end of the spectrum, I was privileged to help a lady scratch this off her bucket list for her 90th birthday and recently flew a gentleman on his 94th birthday.  In addition, I have provided advanced flight training to several students in their 80’s.


Q.  Is it scary being out in the open like that?  What if I’m afraid of heights?

A.  Of the thousands of people I’ve flown, I’ve only had one person get scared and ask to cut the flight short and that was due to the 30 mph winds that day.  It is way more common to hear from people that though they get nervous/claustrophobic flying enclosed in a commercial jet, they actually felt way more comfortable in the Trike with the fresh air and unobstructed scenic views (it’s kind of hard not to enjoy it when you see these amazing views).  Also, the design of how the Trike carriage connects to the wing acts like a shock absorber in turbulence to give a smoother ride than a small plane with its rigid wings.


Q. Will I be able to communicate with the pilot?

A. Yes, we use state of the art noise-cancelling headsets (and full faced helmets if flying in the land Trike) which allow for crystal clear communication during the flight.


Q.  Can I bring a camera or cell phone on the flight?

A.  Unfortunately, No.  In an open cockpit aircraft, any loose items are a risk of hitting the propeller or people on the ground so it is necessary to remove any objects from your pockets before the flight.  It also takes away from your experience because you are more focused on getting the perfect shot than enjoying the breathtaking views.  If you are interested, we can record and sell you a HD video of your flight to capture your experience and share with others.


Q.  Do you need a license to fly it?  What are your credentials?

A.  Yes, like other types of aircraft, you are required to obtain a Private or Sport Pilot license to fly these.  This usually takes about 20 hours and we can provide you all of the training to accomplish this.  In addition to flying Airplanes and Rotorcraft, I have been flying Weight-Shift since 1994, have thousands of hours and am one of the most experienced instructors in the Industry.  I am certified to train both on Land and water (Sea Plane).    I am one of only a few instructors in the country that is certified to train at NIGHT in these aircraft.  Because of my experience, I was contracted by the top Trike manufacturer in the World to perform all of their flight training.  In addition, I am an Advanced Ground Instructor and an FAA certified Airframe & Power plant Aircraft Mechanic so rest assured, you are in good hands!


Q.  What type of maintenance program is performed on the aircraft?

A.  Every 100 hours of flight time, each of our aircraft must be thoroughly inspected by a FAA certified A&P aircraft mechanic who also performs any preventative maintenance at that time.


Q.  How strong is it?

A.  The style may resemble a hang glider but these state-of-the-art wings undergo very rigorous testing before being certified by the FAA.  They are tested to +6gs (6 times the force of gravity) which is substantially higher than a Cessna (or similar) airplane which is only rated at +3.8gs and during the testing the wing manufacturer puts the wing under loads of nearly 6400 lbs (equivalent of carrying a VW bug on each side of the wing) which is far more load than what could be achieved under normal flying conditions.


Please contact us if you have any Sky-Surfing FAQ’s