Flight School in Florida

“As a Highway Patrol Officer and fixed wing pilot, I’ve taken a lot of instruction in my life for various activities and I can honestly say you are the BEST instructor I’ve ever had!  -Ken (California)

“After a near fatal crash (due to inadequate training) several other instructors recommended I go to you to start my training over.  I never thought I could fly without fear again and was ready to give up on flying but you taught me things I had never heard of, fixed my bad habits and thanks to you, I’m no longer afraid when I fly.  Thank you so much for helping me get my confidence back and keeping my dream alive!”  -James (Ohio)


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We are one of America’s most complete and experienced flight schools in Florida for Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft (known as Trikes or Delta Wings in the aviation community) with multiple aircraft and Instructors on staff.  Our experience is the reason we were selected as the designated flight school to perform all training for Evolution Trikes (the industry leading Revo Trike manufacturer), Silverlight Aviation (high performance Apollo Trike, Airplane and Gyroplane manufacturer) and Sea training in the Krucker Cygnet.  We operate and train in both Land and Float trikes and are one of the only flight schools in the Country that can train you to Fly Trikes at Night!  We also specialize in pilots transitioning from one category to another (fixed wing or Rotor Craft to Trikes or vise versa) and are very experienced at helping pilots overcome their reversed control tendencies.

One key point that separates us from other flight school in Florida is that all of our instructors are certified to train you beyond just the Sport Pilot level so all of your training will count whether you want your Sport license, Private, etc.  Most trike instructors only have their Sport Pilot rating and therefore, can only train you to be a Sport Pilot.  If you decide later on that you want to upgrade to Private, none of those hours will count and you would have to start your training from scratch.  Unfortunately, many students have come to us to upgrade to a private license and are shocked to find out that the 15 hours they took with their previous instructor didn’t count.

Train with us and all of your training will count for whatever rating you decide to get in the future!!



Below I will give you a very simplified summary of our training program along with a list of some of the books we use.  We use the Hamilton training syllabus but we also customize the training to the individual as we’ve found each person is unique and learns the specific tasks at different rates.  Unlike some flight schools that milk the hours, we allow you to progress as quickly as possible without overwhelming you.  It’s a great idea to get books ahead of time and study before you arrive because the more you learn on your own, the less ground school you will need which saves you both time and money!  We tailor your training to your specific scenario so please call us so we can discuss your needs and answer your questions over the phone.

Stage 1  Take an Introductory flight to see if trike flying is for you.  For your first flight you will be in the back seat where you will observe while we demonstrate for you.  If you are comfortable, we will allow you to take the controls under our close supervision.  During this flight you will learn the basic controls of a Weight-Shift Control aircraft which include pitch and roll, straight and level flight, turns, climbs and descents.  You may also observe proper airport and taxi procedures, basic radio calls, normal takeoff, airspace, collision avoidance and proper approach and landing techniques.

Stage 2  Schedule Advanced Flight Training and start studying your books.  You will need a minimum of 15 hours of dual instruction to get your Sport Pilot license or 20 hours of dual instruction for your Private license.  Your intro flight counts towards this and you don’t need to decide now if you want to go for your Sport or Private license.  As long as you train with an Instructor that can train you to the Private level all of your hours will count towards either and you can make that decision towards the end of your training program.  ***This is a key point because most WSC instructors only have their Sport Pilot CFI so we have had many students come to us having to retake all of the 15+ hours of dual they took with another instructor because none of the hours counted when they decided to upgrade to a Private license.  After your first intro flight all of your training will be done with you in the front seat where you will be much more comfortable on the controls.  We will build upon the basics you observed during your intro flight and slowly incorporate more  advanced flight maneuvers and aeronautical knowledge as you get closer to being ready to solo.  You will continue to study throughout this process so that your aeronautical knowledge will progress along with your flight skills.

Stage 3  By now you will have your student pilot certificate and have soloed in a trike.  You will have restrictions placed upon you by your instructor but you will be free to fly solo within those limits.  You will stay fairly close to the airport focusing on touch and goes, pattern exit and entry, radio calls and airport operations.  During this stage your ground studies will intensify as you focus more on the Federal Aviation Regulations, aerodynamics and aeronautical knowledge that you will need to pass your written knowledge test (taken on a computer).  You will also learn how to plan a cross country flight which we will first fly together and then you will duplicate it flying alone.

Stage 4  This stage is where we finish preparing you to pass the FAA Knowledge and Practical tests.  The Practical test is made up of both an oral and flight portion which take place in that order.   During this stage of your training, we will use the Practical Test Standards book to go over all of the maneuvers you will be tested on during the flight portion and the Sport Pilot Checkride book to prepare you for the oral portion of the test.  You will be given a mock practical test where we will test you on everything as if we were the FAA inspector sitting in the back seat.  Once you are ready, we have one of the best FAA examiners in the country that will conduct your test.

Suggested Reading Materials:

  • Logbook (for logging your flights)
  • FAA Weight-Shift Control Flying Handbook
  • Sport Pilot Checkride (by ASA)
  • Test Prep book or Software for FAA Knowledge/Written Exam (Both Gleim and ASA make good books)
  • FAA Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards for WSC
  • FAA FAR/AIM (get most recent year)
  • FAA Aeronautical sectional chart for the area you will train in
  • FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Training Syllabus and Work Book for WSC (By Adventure Productions)
  • Manufacturer’s Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for the aircraft you will use for the Practical test
  • Say Again, Please – Guide to Radio Communications (ASA- optional but very good book!)

Directions to Clearwater Airpark: 1000 N. Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33765

  • From the Beach, head East on 60 (Gulf to Bay), turn Left (North) on Hercules Ave to Clearwater Airpark on Left.
  • From Tampa/St Petersburg, head West on 60 (Gulf to Bay), turn Right (North) on Hercules Ave to Clearwater Airpark on Left.